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Tips to Improve the User Experience of your Mobile App

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Cool Onboarding

Sounds crazy, but actually, the “Onboarding” is also like a date, which helps the users to adopt and fully embrace a product successfully. It’s very similar to have a date with someone. First Impression is the best impression.

So make your first date with your user as endearing as possible.

“Any user onboarding is all about psychology: the early feeling of success and accomplishment will make the user come back”

Onboarding can be any form such as Slides or Videos, Interface tour, helpful tips and so on. But to make the onboarding as more attractive, can follow the tips given below:

Show less, provide more

Trigger positive emotions



Know your users

To build an app with great UX, you should know your audience. Before starting the wireframe, ask yourself the following questions:

Who is the targeted user?

Are they experienced or beginners? When they use this app?

Where they use this app? What they need, to complete their goal?

If the above questions are clear, you can start thinking about the User Journey. It will be good to start drawing the user’s journey first (even on paper is fine). Always the navigation should be smooth and straightforward, don’t ask users to dig out information. The KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) can be used to achieve the desired results.

“But once the user logs into the app, they’re often left alone. They start drowning instead of swimming towards their goal”.


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