Nishkala Mantapa

Nishkala Mantapa

His Holiness   


Swamiji Motto in Life is…….

                              “IN THE SERVICE OF GOD AND HUMANITY.”

His Holiness  Poojja Sri Nijagunadha Mahaswamiji is the 1st pontiff of ‘Sri Chennabasveshwar  Jnana Peeth,  Nishakal Mantapa’ (Bailur Math) established in the  year 1995  at Bailur , Belgaum District. He is also the founder  president  of Sri Guru Basaveshwar Rural Education Service  Trust ® Dharwad. Karnataka.   

Swamiji was Born on 24th February, 1964 in a  Madikeri Dist Kodagu  He completed his education in Mysore. as well as fluency in many languages.

He met the Reverend Sadguru  Pravachana Yogi  Poojja  Sri Lingananda Maha  Swamiji, who was one of the greatest revolutionary-religious leaders of the land, and who was popular as  ‘Pravachana Pitamah’. His sober, sincere and spiritual attitudes and aptitudes, attracted the attention of  Sri Nijagunadha Swamiji.  Who started his  Spiritual work  at the young age of 18 years and had his spiritual training under the guidance of his illustrious predecessor His Holiness Maha Jagadguru Sri  Linganadha Mahaswamiji, the founder president of the   ‘Basava Dharma Peetha  and Vishwakalyana Mission Kudlsangam’.  A committed mission for propagating and teaching of all the sharan’s in literature words.


22 April 2016


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