The AdvenChaar series debuts with ADVENCHAAR, ADVENTURE! This is Part One of the ADVENCHAAR AND THE TREASURE IN THE TUNNELS (A4T4) trilogy. It recounts the exploits of four youngsters and, over the course of the three parts, will take readers to India, Japan, France and Singapore.

Amanat and Aman Shoor (non-identical twins), Ayelan Jaanazad and Aura Baaz are the lead characters.

In A4T4, they seek and find a giant South Indian treasure trove that was brought to Pune in the 19th century and hidden away from colonialist looters. In the process, they solve clues in several languages and create mayhem through self-created words (termed as ‘Auracles’ and ‘Ayeronies’). During this adventure, they battle various villains including gang-lords, goons, lady villains, evil androids and traitors. They also combat their own growing-up pains, insecurities, tragic pasts and phobias.


06 April 2017


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